While the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo is formally over, women and girls remain at risk. The threat and use of violence is constant and includes sexual slavery, kidnapping, forced prostitution, rape and domestic violence. There are increasing incidents of men and boys who are also now suffering the same humiliation, from rape to genital mutilation.

All of the victims, regardless of gender, suffer severe emotional trauma. Many are also impacted by HIV and AIDS.

The Oneness Development Institute  provides support, care and training to help women and youth heal from trauma, rebuild their life and become confident, active participants in their community and in building peace.

Our Vision:  To see women and youth empowered to transform their lives and society.

Our Mission:  To work in partnership with other NGOs, churches and stakeholders to train and support people who are among the most vulnerable, including those facing the challenge of HIV and AIDS.

Please join us.

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