What we do

We offer training, workshops, seminars, and counselling services within the eastern DR Congo region to reduce violence and discrimination and improve health and livelihood. We work in partnership, through an integrated approach that brings churches, NGO’s and other local grassroots organizations together. Download an overview of training and content which includes topics.


We focus on women and children who are most affected by violence and extreme poverty and suffer the most stigma and discrimination. We specialize in care to those affected by rape, monitor their well-being, and help them find foster care and support in their community. We are involved in community development, providing training and seeds to farmers (especially girls affected by war), and help them form co-operatives to work and sell their produce (corn and beans). We have started savings groups among women and youth along with skills training to start small businesses such as baking and sewing.

We work with the local medical community, assisting doctors in receiving accurate and crucial information about their patients’ histories and socio-economic backgrounds. We also provide awareness and prevention programs in HIV and AIDS, TB, malaria and other diseases impacting children and youth.


Training workshop for youth leaders

Our priority areas in training include:

  • Child rights and protection
  • Community care for orphans and vulnerable children
  • HIV and AIDS and counselling
  • Women and youth leadership development
  • Peace building and conflict management
  • Trade law and justice
  • Anti-corruption, good governance and accountability
  • Gender and human rights
  • Land rights and food rights
  • Natural resource management and governance (environment protection)

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