What’s going on in the Congo?

The DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) has suffered decades of war and conflict, creating millions of refugees and internally displaced people. More people have died in the Congo wars than in any other war this century. The current government counter-insurgency campaign, “Kimwa II”, has resulted in the pillaging and destruction of houses and livestock around the eastern city of Goma, and the raping of many women and children.

Consider the story of Jeanine. Tragically, it’s become an all-too common one where we work!

Just last August (2010), Jeanine was raped by rebel soldiers, who also killed her husband. After the rape, her husband’s family chased her away, saying that she had shamed them. “My body has become sad, I have no happiness,” she told us.  Today Jeanine must support her six children and her widowed mother. Only poorly paid work is available for women in her condition, which means that her children have no chance for education.

Imagine the frustration and pain of a widowed mother who knows that her child is academically capable, but cannot afford to let her go to school. At Oneness Development, we are striving to help Jeanine and her family. Through our training and support, we help to ensure that she and her children do not end up living on the street, forced to become prostitutes, or to join street gangs.

Please made a donation today. Empower a courageous woman like Jeanine to have dignity, hope and the skills to better provide for her young family. Take a stand with us. Advocate for change. Stop the use of rape as a weapon of war.